We all know that knitting is the realm of older grannies, or is it?

86 year old Ed Mosely may have something to say about that.

He was struggling to fill his day so he decided to join with a group and knit beanies for premature babies.

You are never too old to learn to knit

Ed had never knitted a day before in his life, but with help from his daughter he took to the needles and yarn with great gusto.

A former engineer, Ed understood the value of following instructions and, along with the rest of the group, managed to create hundreds of little hats in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

Ed himself knitted over 100.

Grandparents learning new skills and helping others
Grandparents learning new skills and helping others

It’s all for a good cause

November 17 is world Premature Baby Day and the thousands of babies cared for in the NICU department of Northside Hospital in Atlanta were given an extra bonus.

They were presented with hundreds of tiny hats to keep their heads warm while they undergo the intensive treatment they need to help them survive.

Old things are new again

Things are certainly starting to turn in many ways. Many young women and men are taking to knitting.

Also, there is a whole generation of new grandmothers who never learned to knit or crochet for that matter.

Well, if there is one thing Ed has shown us it is you are never too old to learn a new skill or to make a significant impact in the lives of others.

You are certainly never too old to learn a new skill and help others
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