Here is fun writing activity to share with your grandchildren.

It was created to for you to share and to improve their writing and storytelling skills.

Today our story is called The Ducks.

Below the image is a series of questions to get your grandchildren thinking about the topic. There are no right or wrong answers only ones which we can expand into stories.

You could write down your grandchildren’s answers or record them on your smart phone.

Writing a story together about a group of ducks
Writing a story together about a group of ducks

Have a look at this image.

What do you feel when you look at these ducks? Are they lost? Are they happy? Where are they going?

Write a story about these ducks.

Here are some ideas using three different writing styles.

Narrative – Write a story about the ducks’ journey from its home to a magical faraway place.

Expository – Explain why supermarkets are not designed for ducks to use. Talk about how things are placed on high shelves and how difficult it is for a duck to push a trolley. Offer some suggestions on how supermarket designers can make shopping easier for ducks.

Persuasive – Ducks spend a lot of time in water. Write a persuasive piece arguing that ducks should be given special waterproof socks to keep their feet warm.

Stories can be shared and put together in a collection. They can also be used to put on plays or as part of a school project.

Writing a story together about a duck
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