You are probably thinking that you know the reasons why your grandchildren should pay attention.

It’s important for them to sit still and learn to listen.

They need to be able to focus when you or another adult is giving them advice or instructions.

They need to maintain that kind of focus all day at school if they are going to get a good education.

Why is it important to teach your grandchildren to pay attention?
It is important to teach your grandchildren to pay attention

Attention rates are falling

The attention span of adults is dramatically falling never mind about children.

With the introduction of social media, smart phones, tablets and computer video games we are all losing our ability to remain focused on one thing for more than a few seconds.

Young minds are even more susceptible to all manner of screens – the flashing images, intense colors and music has a negative effect on their brain wave patterns. This can lead to more excitable behavior, and actually inhibits learning.

The need to be present and mindful

If you would like to ban your grandchildren from using computers and phones, and stop them engaging with social media you probably won’t get far.

Like it or not their lives and their identities are intricately woven within them, and our culture is now being shaped by their very existence.

Why is it important to teach your grandchildren to pay attention?
Teach your grandchildren to pay attention

How can you teach your grandchild to pay attention more?

One of the most successful ways you can teach your grandchildren to pay attention more is to help them practice.

Limit their time spent on televisions, phones and computers. Also, discuss with them how they can use social media to improve their lives, not ruin it.

Many schools are practicing mindfulness and you can too.

Mindfulness is not unlike meditation only you can do it anywhere while you are doing something else.

“Your ability to concentrate on the work you’re doing or your schoolwork, and to put off looking at that text or playing that video game until after you’re done … how good you are at that in childhood turns out to be a stronger predictor of your financial success in adulthood than either your IQ or the wealth of the family you grew up in,”  says Daniel Goleman, psychologist and author of Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence


Why is it important to teach your grandchildren to pay attention?
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