Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

We are all patient to a degree, but then we all have our limits.

Patience is a great virtue to teach your grandchildren because it not only helps them be less stressed, but it will help them be accepted by others.

Why is it important to teach your grandchildren patience?
Teach your grandchildren patience

What does patience look like?

We can see patience in action when a child has to wait longer than others for something being given out. This can be seen when teachers are giving out worksheets, or Santa Claus is giving out sweets. A patient child doesn’t speak, but will just stand and wait their turn.

What benefits can your grandchildren gain from being patient?

When a child is patient adults and other children notice them, and they appreciate this behavior. They say patience is its own reward, but patient children are often rewarded in round about ways when others give them something special later on.

Someone who has patience knows they will get what they want, it is just a matter of time. Being patient doesn’t mean getting what you want now.

Patient children trust that they will receive the much needed item in good time, and that they nor the thing they are waiting for will lose value because of it.

Why is it important to teach your grandchildren patience?
What does patience look like?

All children need less stress in their lives

Being patient is great for reducing stress and anxiety.

Children today seem to be more worried about things now than we ever were. They worry about school, jobs and peer pressure from such an early age it is alarming.

Patience is the key to being less stressed.

If we can teach our grandchildren to be more patient, they will gain more control over their lives and be more confident.

This will help them deal with negative events, and also teach them the value of trust in others.

Click here for a fun game you can play with your grandchildren to help them learn to be more patient.

Why is it important to teach your grandchildren patience?
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