We’ve all been there.

We are feeling grumpy, angry, sad, or just plain irritable at times.

However, some adults and many children aren’t able to rationalize and acknowledge what it is that has made them upset.

A sign that we are developing our emotional intelligence is when you’re upset, you know exactly why.

Emotions can come in waves

During a day anyone person can undergo a whole raft of emotions.

One minute we can be sad, the next quite happy. This is quite normal and typical of human behavior.

However, it is important to recognize where these feelings are coming from and what happened to make you feel upset. Furthermore, you should be able to understand why a particular event made you unhappy.

Why is it important that our grandkids know why they are upset?
It important that our grandkids know why they are upset

How can we help our grandchildren recognize their emotions?

This is something that you will have to prepare for because you’ll need to catch the emotion as it happens.

If you see your grandchild feelings angry and sad, talk to them about what has caused them to feel this way.

Did someone call them a name or were they left out by their friends at school?

Did their coach yell at them or did they see something on TV that upset them?

Why is it important that our grandkids know why they are upset?
Help your grandkids have a greater understanding of why they are feeling bad.

Follow through …

The next step is to ask them to sit with what they are feeling right now.

Name the emotion – can you feel the anger inside you? Can you feel the sadness?

Now, tell your grandchild that it is okay to step back from their emotions and look at what they are feeling.

Allow them to explore how the emotion is making them feel, and what effect it has on them.

The skill to recognize one’s feelings and understand what has made us feel bad takes time to master.

However, it is important help your grandchildren begin this process, and they are never too old to learn it.


Why is it important that our grandkids know why they are upset?
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