Have you ever been in bookstore and been overwhelmed with the sheer number of books available? This can be confusing enough if you are wanting to purchase a book for yourself, but it can be even more difficult if you are wanting to buy a book to share with your grandchildren.

And we all know, children grow so quickly, and so do their reading skills.

As well, you just don’t know if what is written on the pages meets your own values.

Help is at hand!

Over at Writing Books for Children, Margaret Welwood has compiled a great blog post to help you choose the best books for your grandchildren.

She has put together 14 suggestions which will help you navigate the maze of books available and feel more confident about the process.

Which books should you choose for your grandkids?
Which books should you choose for your grandkids?

Not just reviews

Margaret hasn’t given us a quick overview or review of the books either.

Instead, she speaks about her family and the importance of reading to children. I was touched by the story of her adopted granddaughter, for example.

She has interwoven the books with recollections and advice which I found really useful, too.

Drop over to Margret’s site – Writing Books for Children, and read her article. I’m sure you’ll come away feeling more empowered and assured. So much so, the next time you are at the mall you’ll head straight to the bookstore and buy with confidence.


Which books should you choose for your grandkids?
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