Talking about divorce with your grandchildren is never easy. You don’t want to take sides, and you want them not to suffer. Sadly, divorce does pull families apart and has an effect on your grandchildren. At times it may seem there is little you can do.

Not so! Carol Gordon Ekster has bravely tackled this subject and created a wonderful book to help you help your grandchildren.

Where Am I Sleeping Tonight? (A Story of Divorce) by Carol Gordon Ekster
Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?

A Story about Divorce

Ever since Mark and Evan’s parents’ divorce their lives and schedules have been scrambled leaving them feeling confused, frustrated, and even a little angry with their parents for getting a divorce. But with time, effort and the assistance of their parents and Mark’s fourth grade teacher, the boys get a little more organized and start to come to terms with their parents’ divorce.

This uplifting story of shared custody offers hope to those in a similar situation. Perfect for teachers, counselors, families, and students in elementary school. This was written by a fourth grade teacher who felt the pain of children experiencing their parents’ divorce.

Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You by Carol Gordon Ekster
Carol Gordon Ekster

About the Author

Carol Gordon Ekster was a passionate elementary school teacher for 35 years. Now retired, Carol is grateful that her writing allows her to continue communicating with children. She is also the author of Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy Room, which won A Literary Classics Seal of Approval, and Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You, Pauline Books and Media, 2015, which was a Catholic Press Association 3rd place winner for excellence in publication in the children’s book category, 2016.

Her first e-book, Hip Hopping Books, came out spring 2015 as part of a digital library with Schoolwide, Inc. And a new picture book, You Know What?, came out first in Dutch (Mama, Wist Je Dat?), December 2016 with Clavis Books, and the English version will follow September 2017. She lives in Andover, MA with her husband Mark.

You can find out more about Carol’s great books by visiting Carol Gordon Ekster


Where am I Sleeping Tonight? (A Story of Divorce) (Perfect Paperback)

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Where Am I Sleeping Tonight? (A Story of Divorce) by Carol Gordon Ekster

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    What a wonderful resource you are for grandparents, Sue! And thanks for all you do for #kidlit authors.

    • April 14, 2017 at 10:10 am

      Thank you for your kind words, and for sharing your wonderful book.

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