Astro’s Adventures: The Gypsy Curse is a tale of a wicked gypsy cat, a tireless villain and the dog catcher’s dog.

In this fun children’s story, we meet a wicked gypsy cat called Tinka.

Unlike the other gypsy cats, she is very naughty cat! She draws Speed Bump Charlie, the wicked alley cat, into her devious plans to rid the world of dogs.

Together they use sophisticated spying technology and a great hairy robot to trap our heroes.

But what Astro and the gang don’t realize is there is a spy amongst them who is reporting their every move to Tinka and Speed Bump Charlie.

Astro's Adventures Book Club
The Gypsy Curse: Astro’s Adventures

The is more to Astro than meets the eye

Your grandkids will be on the edge of their seats wondering if the dogs will figure out who the spy is before the dog catcher catches them all and locks them away in the Checkout – the one place all dogs go to, but never come out of.

Will they work out who is behind these dastardly deeds and lock them away for good!

Based on the characters of real dogs and cats, The Gypsy Curse is a fast moving, action packed book for children reading their first chapter books.

Your grandkids will laugh with every turn of the page.

Astro’s Adventures, the Gypsy Curse – unless you’ve got a crystal ball you’ll need to grab a copy to find out what happens at the end.


The Gypsy Curse – Astro’s Adventures Pocket Edition (Paperback)

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When there is a spy in the ranks, what can a dog do?
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