Astro’s Adventures Neptune’s Trident begins with our heroes being accidently swallowed by a huge sea monster. However, once recovered they find that their skills of saving neglected dogs has been noted by the underwater god himself, Neptune.

He has lost his trident.

Finding a trident shouldn’t be that hard

Unbeknown to Astro and the gang, Neptune’s Trident has actually been stolen by a gang of wicked catfish and the most evil genius in the world, Speed Bump Charlie

On their way they meet Icky, the ugliest dog in the world – no, it’s true the real Icky won the title in the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition in 2014.

The dogs ride dolphins and seahorses, and end the story battling it out on the Great Pacific Rubbish Patch. This is a real man-made island of garbage which is floating in the Pacific Ocean.

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Neptune’s Trident: Astro’s Adventures

Saving the planet and the day!

The message from the author is clear – recycle and reuse plastics at all times and when possible don’t use them at all.

The marine animals portrayed in this book are under threat from this huge, man-made disaster.

The dogs do their part and overcome the evil genius of course, but it is up to all of us to look after the environment and save this beautiful planet we live on.

Your grandchildren will love Neptune’s Trident. It is funny and fast-moving, and they’ll never guess what happens in the end.


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When dogs go into the sea, meet a Greek god and fight pirates
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