Astro and the gang are shocked when their leader, Commander Rocky, is dog-napped by a ghost.

But, the shock and their fear of ghosts doesn’t deter them. They know they have to get him back.

In Major Dakota’s Ghost, Astro takes charge and the dogs fly to the USA to save Commander Rocky.

They find themselves in a haunted house, and then they are also dog-napped by two wicked men.

After being bundled into sacks, they are imprisoned in a room without any doors or windows and the only thing to keep them from going mad is a never-say-die attitude and a takeaway pizza menu.

Astro's Adventures Book Club
Major Dakota’s Ghost: Astro’s Adventures

Who are these wicked men?

Meanwhile, Commander Rocky has discovered that two wicked men have dog-napped the very special companions of five top celebrities.

When Astro and the gang finally find out how to get out of the room, they discover they weren’t the only dogs dong-napped.

Major Dakota's Ghost: Astro's Adventures
Yikes! A real doggie ghost

The ghosts are multiplying!

When they meet Commander Rocky again, they also encounter the ghost who took their commander and his ghostly companions.

Apart from a slight misunderstanding as to whether the ghosts are pizza delivery boys or real ghosts, this not-very- scary, funny story will have your grandkids in stitches.

Major Dakota’s Ghost will have them turning page after page as the plot twists and turns around these crazy characters.


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When dogs are dognapped by ghosts, you just don’t know where the adventure will take you
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