Jill M Turner is a delightfully, funny author who has the skill to write books in a wide range of genres.

My of my favorites is Nan Nose Best!

This would be a great book to share with your teenage granddaughter. You might just discover what you have in common, and what are the right and wrong ways to go about connecting online.

Nan Nose Best!

14 year old Jade Greene lives on a rundown council estate with her work shy, thieving father, workaholic mother and diabetic sister, Chrissie. Oh, and her Nan may as well live there too, seeing that she is never in the old people’s paradise of a flat she has around the corner.

When Gloria Greene writes an innocent post on her granddaughter Jade’s social media page, no-one expects the attention it attracts, least of all, Jade!

Bring on Nan Nose Best – an advertising campaign that is an instant smash hit. Mix in a famous football team, a billionaire, a TV crew and a best friend (who isn’t very friendly) and mix it up with first love, old love and the patter of tiny feet, and Jade just has to hope it’s true that Nan Nose Best!

Nan Nose Best
Nan Nose Best

About the Author

Jill lives in wet and windy Colchester in Essex, UK. She lives with her youngest daughter and a scatter-brained cat. She writes because she has to. All these stories in her head are clamoring to get out and she’s squashed them back for far too long.

The first story published, The Seelie Princess, got to best-seller status (and she’s still somewhat stunned by that!) This was followed by book two in the series, Rise of the Dragons, and now by the final part of Clary’s story, The Seelie Queen. Jill has also written Nan Nose Best for teens and adults, and a comedic rhyming Christmas tale about a turkey for younger readers! She hopes you enjoy them.

You can see all of Jill M Turner’s great books on her Amazon page – Just click here


Nan Nose Best (Kindle Edition)

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When a nosey grandma creates a smash on her granddaughter’s social media page
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