One of the wonderful things about being a grandparent is already being very familiar with the characters your grandchildren are growing to know and love.

You have built relationships with some of the world’s best known fictional characters. And, if you didn’t then there is no doubt that your children certainly did.

What were your favorite children's authors?
Fictional characters we know and love are meant to be shared.

Which were your favorites?

Names like Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Pooh Bear, the Cat from the Cat in the Hat, and many more are so familiar to us we feel like they are just like old friends.

Some of us grew up with Peter Rabbit and others loved Mary Poppins. Thanks to Disney and Pixar these delightful tales have been brought to the big and small screens.

What were your favorite children's authors?
What were your favorite fictional characters?

More than just an acquaintance?

Do you have an absolute favorite? Did he or she become more than just a familiar character? Did they become that best friend you knew you could always rely on when you were feeling sad or lonely?

The wonderful and endearing power of many of these characters were their ability to become more than just acquaintances and friends.

We became so close and so deeply connected to them it was if they were actually living.

What were your favorite children's authors?
Generation after generation share the same love for characters

So, what causes this amazing bond?

No is sure why fictional characters have such a significant impact on our lives.

But, I think those of us who know this experience, and feel it so deeply can attest to the fact that they were able to speak to us on a very deep level.

They allowed us to become part of their ‘family’ or ‘tribe’ (an often over-used, but popular word today). They took us with them on the most amazing adventures and allowed us to share in the excitement.

Perhaps it is this level of generosity which speaks to us so deeply. Perhaps we are all just suckers for things which are exciting and new.

Whichever, I’m sure you are as delighted as I am to share the wonderful characters from your childhood with your grandchildren.

What were your favorite children’s book characters?
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