One of the biggest issues to come out of modern parenting is termed ‘helicopter’ parenting.

This is when parents literally hover over every little thing their children do.

They fuss and they check to the point where the child becomes confused and frustrated.

This leads to children not having any confidence in their own abilities, and other social issues.

How can grandparents help parents do better?

If we lead by example we can show our children how best to raise their children.

The best way to do this is simple, fun games and by spending time with our grandchildren doing meaningful activities.

When we play games we are engaging on an equal level with a child.

We are not the overseer checking on what they are doing and making sure they are safe.

By playing games we are interacting and leading by example.

What support can grandparents offer to their family?
Playing teaches important skills.

What sorts of things can we do?

The best games to play are the simple ones we all grew up with.

Some fun examples are ‘peek-a-boo’, ‘hide and seek’ and ‘snap’.

Other ways is to read to a child or share reading a book with them.

When we share a story we are building important memories, not to mention encouraging a love of books and reading.

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Sharing experiences shapes our character.

What are the outcomes of playful grandparenting?

According to experts, the benefits of simple adult – child interaction are quite complex.

Children who received this type of interaction only once a week had a stronger ability to understand and follow directions.

They could focus on a single activity for an extended period of time.

There were able to interact calmly with others in and out of the classroom.

And, perhaps most importantly, they were able to cope with disappointment and persevere through frustration.

Important lifelong skills, I think you’ll agree.

What support can grandparents offer to their families?
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