Spoiling your grandchild is your right. It’s the one thing all grandparents enjoy doing, much to the surprise of their children.

However, we grandparents have to take care we don’t overdo it.

The last generation of children were over rewarded and now have trouble fitting in to the real world of commerce and industry.

These Millennials seem to think that they should get a gold cup for every small effort they put in.

What is the best way to reward your grandchild’s efforts?
Rewarding is a skill we need to share.

Rewarding and finding balance

It is still important to reward your grandchildren when they do the right thing, but as long as the reward is reasonable and within your grasp.

Rewarding effort is not about giving out gold cups for a small amount of effort.

If we look at the process of reading, for example, it is important to reward in small ways each time a child advances.

Keeping in mind that learning to read is a journey which can take many years to master properly.

If you are sharing books with your grandchildren reward them for sitting still, and reading out loud to you.

Keep the rewards simple, and make sure they are not bribes.

Simple rewards might be playing at the park or having an ice cream.

What is the best way to reward your grandchild’s efforts?
The doing of an act should be reward in itself.

Should we reward trying?

Children should be rewarded for giving something a go, whether it’s attempting to sound out a difficult word or finishing their first chapter book.

A reward might be a hug or a pat on the back – it shouldn’t be anything too over the top.

We want our grandchildren to learn to develop a love of reading for its own sake, not because there is something else in it for them.

And this goes for all things in life.

It is important to teach your grandchildren that the reward is deeply involved in doing the task.

If they clean their room, the reward is a nice tidy room.

If they walk the dog with you, their reward is the feeling that they have helped care for an animal.

Cultivate the right sense of reward while you spend time with your grandchildren, and they will carry these skills forward in life.

What is the best way to reward your grandchild’s efforts?
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