If we are going to give our grandchildren all the support they need it is important we understand different teaching methods which are employed in today’s classrooms.

Long gone are the teachers who stood at the front of the classroom lecturing students.

More and more, students are learning through cooperative and inquiry-based learning. These methods allow for a greater flexibility to reach all different kinds of learners.

Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning holds the student more responsible for their educational development. They experience the consequences of working hard alongside their peers.

This cooperative approach means students are interacting with their peers, individual to individual, in small groups or as one large group.

The teacher is no longer the font of all knowledge and experience. Instead, he or she is more of a facilitator and guide.

What is cooperative learning and inquiry-based learning?
Cooperative and inquiry-based learning

Inquiry-Based Learning

The role of the teacher in inquiry-based learning is the same as it is in cooperative learning environments.

In this model, the students are encouraged to ask questions and investigate things they are curious about.

As you can imagine, this model can be effectively used in many different learning environments from science to language curricula.

The use of these types of learning models results in more project based assignments like posters, dioramas, the creation of webpages, and hands-on experiments. There is little if any room in these learning modes for tests or exams.

The best type of classroom is one which includes all manner of teaching styles. This is the only way to reach each individual learner, and ensure they are getting the most out of their classroom experience.

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What is cooperative learning and inquiry-based learning?
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