As grandparents there are many things out of our control in regards to the way our grandchildren are raised.

However, we can support our children to be the best parents they can and ensure they create a stable home for our grandchildren.

What is a stable home?

A stable home is simply one where a child is confident that there will be meals and snacks provided.

Their belongings are kept safe and they will be protected from harm.

They also have an expectation that there is a routine which is practised most of the time.

There is love, nurturing and clear consequences for good and bad behavior.

The wants of a child are quite simple in this respect.

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What are the results of children raised in stable homes?

Children who are raised in homes where the above expectations are met and routines are a given often have greater resilience.

They are able to cope with stresses and negative situations in and out of the home better.

These are skills which help children get through life easier.

As Paul Tough tells us:

When parents get the support they need to create a warm, stable, nurturing environment at home, their children’s stress levels often go down, while their emotional stability and psychological resilience improve.

Supporting parents may mean helping them create a home which offers love and support.

Speak to your children about how best you can support them.

Every child deserves a calm, warm and friendly home in which they can do more than just survive, but can, instead, thrive.

What are the long term benefits of ensuring a child has a stable home life?
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