It doesn’t matter how old your grandchildren are their school work will certainly benefit from eating healthy.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, protein and water all help keen the mind alert and sharp. And they help keep their brains in tip-top condition.

Water, water, water!

Water keeps young minds and bodies hydrated and energized.

Many people don’t realise the harm soda drinks and energy drinks can do. They think the sugar will give their grandchild a kick or a boost. While this is true, the long term effects can be quite frightening.

A spoonful of sugar in a child’s diet will make them more tired, fatter and they will waste more energy digesting it.

Water is the best fluid to keep their minds clear and working at their best.

What are effects of healthy eating on learning for our grandchildren
Drinking water keeps the mind alert.

Eat fresh food, especially fruit and vegetables

Take away food is tempting because it appears to be quick and easy to get.

But, let’s face it, it’s not called fast food for nothing and we want the best for our grandchildren.

Did you realise that the time you take to order delivery or go and get it you could prepare a healthy meal?

Being prepared is the key. Make sure there is salad vegetables and fruit available.

Buy small cans of tuna or cooked chicken. It takes three minutes to grab the salad, open a tin of tuna and pop them in a bowl.

What are effects of healthy eating on learning for our grandchildren
A balanced meal helps children learn better.

Exercise is an essential key to being a successful learner

Make sure your grandchild gets up and moves about every one to two hours.

Even if you are cramped for space try do some simple exercise to revitalize and stretch their muscles together.

Why not play indoor games like running up and down the stairs, taking the dog to the park or playing a simple game of kick to kick. T

Keeping to these simple techniques will ensure your grandchildren are performing at their best.


What are effects of healthy eating & exercise on learning for our grandchildren
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