Learning a second language is best done at a very young age. Anecdotal evidence suggests that children who are born into multi-cultural homes, become bi-lingual very quickly.

If English is your first language your grandchildren may never get the opportunity to learn a second language.

English is the most wide spread language in the world while it is the fourth most popular.

More importantly, English is the language of the business world. Some companies are in Japan hold meetings and only correspond in English.

What advantages are there learning a second language for our grandchildren?
A new language introduces children to new worlds.

What are the advantages of learning a new language?

When our grandchildren learn a new language they are being exposed to a much wider vocabulary, and a different set of grammar skills.

Many words we use are based in Greek and Latin. Through the Roman invasions they spread all over Europe. Therefore there are many words which are spelled similarly and have similar meanings.

Learning another language opens up new worlds and new possibilities.

The student also gets to learn about another culture, and another part of the world.

If your grandchild can speak Mandarin, for example, they could work in China and other areas of Asia.

What advantages are there learning a second language for our grandchildren?
Share the marvels of different cultures and people with your grandchildren through books

There is a wide variety of careers they could embark

With the popularity of social media growing in all countries there are hundreds of jobs in this industry. There are jobs in media and film, too.

Just think about the number of people who work at airports or travel agencies; hotels and tourist destinations.

Banks and insurance companies have a global presence and need people to interpret and communicate with their clients.

Governments and embassies employ bilingual people all the time.

What about charities and Non-government organizations that help the needy?

Then there are newspapers and publishing companies, health services and immigration departments.

And of course, colleges, universities and schools need people who can teach their students.

There are so many different opportunities for people who can speak more than one language, the world, as they say, is their oyster.

What advantages are there learning a second language for our grandchildren?
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