We Are Joined at the Heart by Yonette Belinda

Today’s children’s author guest spot is with Yonette Belinda who has dropped over to share a wonderful book, We Are Joined at the Heart.

Sometimes it can be difficult to express what love really means, especially to children.

Yonette has done a splendid job, as I’m sure you will agree.

We Are Joined at the Heart by Yonette Belinda
We Are Joined at the Heart by Yonette Belinda

Yonette tells us…

When I sat down to write my first children’s book “We are Joined at the Heart”, of course it was about love.

A love that changed me. I needed to express that love that comes without condition, limit, conflict, or regret. It tells of a deep, abiding, constant love that would always embrace to dispel all shame.

A love that changes everything for the better. “We are Joined at the Heart” is a love story for anyone who is a champion to a child who wants to deepen their bond. It offers a wonderful opportunity to teach, and to explain about the debt of love.

Saying I love you is a heartfelt word that needs to be followed by a deeper expression of what those words mean.

Reading this book is a good opportunity to open a conversation about the depth and the unconditional nature of love you hold. “We are Joined at the Heart” has received the Mom’s Choice Gold Seal Award for bedtime stories.

It is a book idea stemmed from a short poem I wrote for my daughter when she was just a toddler.

The poem is the opening to the book: “I will love you in the morning. I will love you through noon. I will love you till late, late in the afternoon. I will love you in the evening and through midnight, too. All day I will be loving you.” The beautiful illustrations by the illustrator Rosemarie Gillen truly bring this story to life.

About the Author

Yonette Belinda is a new author with an interest in writing children’s books that connect with the hearts of both parents and children. She uses each opportunity to convey important messages and spark conversation. She received the Mom’s Choice Award for her first published work “We Are Joined at the Heart”. Her interest in writing a children’s book grew from watching her daughter’s love of books.

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We Are Joined at the Heart by Yonette Belinda
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