We all want the best for our grandchildren.

Like our children, they are the light of our hearts and mean the world to us.

And, we want the best for them.

One of the best ways we can ensure they grow happy, healthy and wise is to support their parents.

Support your grandkids’ home environment

Kids love structure.

They love to know that breakfast will always be on the table, and that when people say they are coming to visit, they do.

You can help your child and his or her partner by supporting their home life in whatever way you can.

Now, you don’t have to give up your own time and be their housemaid. No one is asking you to do that.

However, when a child complains about house rules or the chores they have to do, for example, explain why it is important they help out.

They might complain about school, help them to understand that learning is a means to an end.

Whatever you do, don’t take sides – ever!

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Support parents to create a great homelife

Don’t get all grandpa-ish on ‘em though!

The best way to get your grandkids to listen to you is to be calm, confident and to listen to what they have to say.

Never begin a response with, “In my day…” or “You kids don’t know how well you’ve got it…”

You may feel these are valid responses, but they will only get the child off side and they may lump you into the category of fuddy-duddy or worse the one that begins, ‘You’re just like the other grown-ups!’

No grandparent wants to hear that!

Supporting our grandkids is as important for them as it is for us.

It will mean that they gain a better understanding that life is difficult, but they will hear this news from someone who loves them.

And, best of all it will ensure you build a stronger relationship with them.

Ways you can support your grandkids and help them to become the best they can be
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