We are all always on the look out for something we can use to help our grandchildren do better at school.

It doesn’t matter how old they are either. From Kinda to those senior years, as grandparents we want them to succeed and do the best they can.

Building a solid vocabulary is one key way to ensure a child learns to read and write really well. While it should be done from the early formative years, there is no reason why it can be done at any time in their lives.

Char About Cards Astro's Adventures
Chat About Cards

Chat About Cards

Chat About Cards are a fantastic, free tool you can use to help build your child’s vocabulary.

Each card has an idea or a prompt to help get a conversation going.

The important thing is to allow your grandchild time to think about idea and respond.

There are no right or wrong answers either.

Children gain a greater vocabulary by being chatter boxes! It’s true!

They listen to the words you use, absorb them and repeat them. This can backfire, of course, when they hear a rude word, but that’s an important part of the learning process.

How can you get Chat About Cards?

Click on this link and it will take you straight to Astro’s Adventures Chat About Cards

Scroll down and read through them.

Then, it’s just a matter of picking out the ones you like, right clicking the image and saving it on your computer or smartphone.

You can print them out or save them on your phone so you can use them anywhere or everywhere.

We all know parents are extremely busy people so let’s help them by guiding our grandchildren to be the best they can be.

Chat About Cards – Click Here


Useful free activities to help improve your grandchild’s vocabulary
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