In this series of posts we are going to look at the different ways we can help our grandchildren write better.

Words, thoughts, facts and ideas can be presented in a variety of different ways. This can depend on who you are addressing and your own personal style.

Narrative writing is the way we tell stories

The content of a narrative piece is usually a chronological presentation of events from beginning to end.

Here is an example:

Jack took this dog, Max, to the park one sunny afternoon. When they arrived there were a lot of other dogs for Max to play with. He ran with some; rolled with others and lay in the pond with a new dog he hadn’t met before. Jack watched Max the whole time and enjoyed spending quality time with him. When it was time to go, Max’s tongue was hanging out the side of this mouth. He arrived home a happy and tired dog.

As you can see this paragraph tells about Jack’s trip to the park with his dog, Max.

The story begins on a sunny afternoon and ends with the dog returning home, exhausted after playing at the park.

In between these sentences, the body of the paragraph tells us what happened in the order that they happened.

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How you can help your grandchild write a narrative piece

Narrative writing is great to use when writing fiction, or a report or journal detailing a list of events.

It is considered the easiest form of writing which many children naturally enjoying doing.

How can you help?

We lead by example, so simply reading and sharing stories is a great way to introduce your grandchild to narrative writing.

You’re probably doing it already.

Why not take it one step further and encourage them to write stories themselves?

There are a wonderful range of free activities you can use on Astro’s Adventures Free Stuff

As well as writing stories, your grandchild might like to create a cartoon or record a story using a smartphone.

Understanding how narrative writing works
Record your grandchild’s story onto a smartphone
Understanding how narrative writing works
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