It sounds odd, doesn’t it?

Talk to your grandchild? Start a conversation with them?

Of course you do! But, sadly we are all doing it less and less, and children are losing the skills to even hold a simple conversation with anyone.

Turn off or mute the television

Instead we are interacting with computers and phones. We are allowing the television to do the talking for us.

Why not mute the ads and talk about a show you are watching?

Kids love to predict what is going to happen next in any story.

When the TV is off and in the short space of silence someone usually remembers something they wanted to share.

Tips to help start a conversation with your grandkids
Start a conversation with your grandkids

Turn the radio off in the car

Another way is to turn the radio off while you are in the car.

Conversations can emerge from discussing things that can be seen out of the windows.

Point out simple things, and encourage your grandchildren to take an interest in the world around them.

It might be twins playing at the park or a pelican sailing high in the sky.

Noticing what’s going on around them, will encourage all children to talk about these things and want to share them.

How to develop conversational skills

Even though your grandchildren might not be old enough to really understand what you have done share it with them anyway.

It’s important to focus on the positive, though. Don’t start complaining or nagging.

Instead, tell them about your day in a story-form.

For example, “When Gran got to work she found her desk had been moved and boy, was she cross! But, did she get angry? No! She decided that there were some good things about her new position. Like, she’s much closer to the lunchroom!”

Remember not to ask questions that have ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Instead, ask questions which require a bit of thought.

Be patient – being a great conversationalist takes a lot of practice, and guidance from you.

Tips to help start a conversation with your grandkids
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