2017 Author Advent Calendar
Author Advent Calendar

Children’s Authors Advent Calendar

Welcome to our Children’s Authors Advent Calendar for 2017. This is where we showcase some of the best children’s books available. 

When thinking about purchasing gifts for your grandchildren, books are one of the best presents you can buy.

Why? Books last a lifetime, don’t run out of batteries and you can create some very special memories sharing and re-sharing books throughout the year.

So, read on and find out more about today’s fabulous author.

And don’t forget to check all of our wonderful authors and support their fantastic work! There will be a new author each day.

Through Time To London by Brindy Wilcox
Through Time To London by Brindy Wilcox

Through Time To London by Brindy Wilcox

What started as a normal day for Brandy & Brinkley changed beyond anything they dreamed of when Jed visited. The two spaniels were used to having little adventures every time they left the house, but nothing prepared them for that morning.

1665 London was a dangerous place for dogs, so when the two brothers found themselves suddenly in the middle of the plague-ridden city it was a race against time to escape the clutches of the street dogs, the perils of the rats and the dangers of the dogcatchers.

Would they be able to survive in their new surroundings and would they be able to find their way back to the safety of their own home?

Through Time to London is the first in a series that follows the adventures of Brandy and Brinkley, two time-travelling Cavalier Spaniels, who are met with new challenges in their search for the way home.

Through Time To London by Brindy Wilcox
Through Time To London by Brindy Wilcox

About the Author

I am not an author who has a desk drawer full of manuscripts that never got finished, I don’t have notebooks full of plots and characters. I am an author that had a dream. Almost 30 years ago I saw a book display in WH Smiths and thought how great it would be to have a book on a shelf in a shop – but people like me weren’t writers, I worked in an office. I didn’t know anyone could write a book, no-one told me that anyone could write.

I thought authors were special people. Then I got Brandy & Brinkley, two wonderful Cavalier Spaniels. Every day was like an adventure to them and so a glimmer of an idea was born. I wrote blog posts about their life, I told stories about them and my thoughts went back to the dream of writing a book.

I thought it would be fun to take the dogs back to meet King Charles, who the King Charles Spaniel was named after, and so a time-travel adventure story was born.


Through Time To London: A time-travel adventure (Kindle Edition)

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Through Time To London by Brindy Wilcox
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