The Secret Formula by Nancy Beaule
The Secret Formula by Nancy Beaule

The Secret Formula by Nancy Beaule


Kids love Chompy, the carrot-munching carrot who can see through walls, hills, and rocks, along with his zany pals, all food-inspired characters called The Munchy Bunch. When Chompy hears about an ancient carrot formula that gives super-powered eyesight (Chompy Juice), he just has to find it!

But when the journey leads Chompy and his pals to the mysterious mansion of Doc Peppa, strange things begin to happen, and they must stay one step ahead of mischievous Candybar, who is always ready to play pranks on them!

Volume 1 in the “Munchy Bunch” series, it is action-packed entertainment for ages 4-9, with a subtle nutritional message included. I created this series for my own grandchildren (now ages 11, 7 and 3), and the two older ones have contributed to the creation process.

They love knowing their ideas get incorporated into the books, and are proud when I get to read the stories to their class at school. When I get to the part where Chompy drinks the “Chompy Juice” and his eyes pop, I put on a pair of gag glasses and the kids love it.

Sometimes their teacher wears the glasses and they REALLY laugh at that! Some schools make Chompy Juice and serve it to the kids and staff. It is a such fun series to write, and I am very pleased that the kids respond so favorably and ask lots of questions.

The Secret Formula by Nancy Beaule
The Secret Formula by Nancy Beaule

About the Author

The Secret Formula is Nancy’s debut book. What began as a way to keep her grandchildren entertained, has evolved into an exciting series about a carrot named Chompy who discovers an ancient carrot formula for super-powered eyesight. The series, called Chompy & The Munchy Bunch, is geared toward 4-8 year olds, and while the kids love re-enacting the “Chompy Juice” portion of the book, parents appreciate the hidden nutritional messages.

Nancy’s path to writing is a bit unorthodox, having spent the last 30 years as an entrepreneur/inventor. In the ’80’s she operated a print shop before inventing a product called the Pie Saver, which are foil rings that prevent pies from burning (came from her love of baking!)

“Running a business is similar to writing — there are lots of ups and downs but you can never give up!” Now with three grandchildren to enjoy, she felt the time was right to try her hand at writing children’s books, and the children are loving Chompy and his pals! Nancy has two children and lives in Maine and Florida with her husband of 41 years.

The Secret Formula: Chompy & The Munchy Bunch (Volume 1) (Paperback)

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The Secret Formula by Nancy Beaule

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