One thing that always amazes parents is how different their own parents become when they have children.

Whatever our reaction to the birth of our first and subsequent grandchildren there is no doubt that we have a completely different approach to them than we did to our own children.

How did your parents change after the birth of your first child?

Were you surprised or shocked by this? Were you the same?

It’s Nana’s job to spoil ’em!

Nanas and grandpa’s all of a sudden have this amazing generous streak.

They love to buy toys and prepare delicious snacks.

They want their grandchildren to have everything and they allow them to get away with naughty behavior that they wouldn’t have tolerated in a heartbeat from their own children.

Why is this so and is it fair?

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The role of grandparent goes far beyond spoiling grandkids

Let’s look a little deeper

What we grandparents are really doing when we spoil our grandchildren is celebrating them.

We love them and, of course, we want the best for them.

We spoil them because we can afford to, but there’s more to it than just buying toys for the sake of it.

An interesting thing to come out of studies into this area is that many grandparents see the birth of their grandchildren as the opportunity to have a second go at parenting.

We are free from all the worries and concerns that many parents face – we know that they will turn out right, just like their parents did.

We are also demonstrating the power of kindness and patience. Two virtues that need to be exercised a lot more in today’s society.


The role of grandparent goes far beyond spoiling grandkids
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