Today’s Children’s Author Spotlight is on the very funny Maxine Sylvester.

Maxine has created a fast-moving, entertaining book called The Phantom Carrot Snatcher! As you are about to find out, snatching carrots is a serious crime which should never be taken lightly!

The Phantom Carrot Snatcher

Prepare to laugh out loud at this fun winter tale of friendship, sledging and flying!

Ronaldo is the top cadet at Flying Academy. He is on course to win the coveted Golden Snowflake medal and break the speed record. After the first of three speed tests, he discovers his carrots have been stolen. Ronaldo and best friend, Rudi, are determined to catch the thief. But Ronaldo doesn’t have far to look. The culprit is hiding outside his house… and it’ a creature feared by every reindeer – a wolf!

The Phantom Carrot Snatcher by Maxine Sylvester
The Phantom Carrot Snatcher by Maxine Sylvester

Ronaldo and Rudi are terrified, but the wolf cub, Ernie, is sad and lonely. She has lost her pack and it’s the coldest winter in two hundred years. Ronaldo agrees to hide the wolf in his bedroom, but he and Rudi must come up with a superhero plan to return Ernie safely home before his parents find out.

Rudi suggests flying around the Forest of Doom and delivering a message to the wolf pack during the second speed test. But it’s dangerous and Ronaldo isn’t onboard with the idea. He desperately wants to break the record and the plan means jeopardising his chance of becoming champion.

Will Ronaldo discover the true meaning of friendship or will he succumb to ambition and become the youngest flyer ever to break the speed record?

Ronaldo: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher is heart-warming story, full of action and adventure, and a perfect book to read to your children or for them to read alone (aged 7-9 years).

The Phantom Carrot Snatcher by Maxine SylvesterThe Phantom Carrot Snatcher by Maxine Sylvester
Maxine Sylvester

About the Author

Maxine Sylvester was born in London, England. She grew up with a passion for Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear. She also loved anything Disney and enjoyed drawing the characters.

Maxine’s love of ‘fun’ art grew and she had the privilege of being mentored by cartoonist and caricaturist, Steve Chadburn. She completed further studies in children’s book illustration with talented artist and illustrator, Jan Nesbitt.

She is currently working on Rudi’s Birthday, the third in the Ronaldo series, due for release in 2017.  Check out more of her great books by visiting:

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Ronaldo: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher (Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer Book 2) (Kindle Edition)

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The Phantom Carrot Snatcher by Maxine Sylvester

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    Thank you, for inviting me to be part of your Children’s Author Spotlight.

    I am glad that you enjoyed it.

    Good luck with Astros Adventures

    • April 4, 2017 at 1:38 pm

      It was great fun to share your wonderful book, Maxine.

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        Thank you

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          It was wonderful showcasing your great book.

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