Forever Home Friends
Forever Home Friends

The Furever Home Friends are all dogs who have lived in a shelter at some point in their lives, and have either found, or are still looking, for their forever home.

Each book in the series tells the story of a real shelter dog, and his or her journey to adoption. The books also deal with social issues beyond adoption, such as animal abuse, body image, and the importance of valuing family over material possessions.

Forever Home Friends
Forever Home Friends Stuffed Animals

Right now, the Furever Home Friends has a Kickstarter to fund the production of the first two books in the series: Princess Allee and Smile, Chewie! These books also have a corresponding 12-inch handmade, flannel and polyester stuffed animal.

Princess Allee tells the story of a sweet-but-sassy black lab who expects to live a royal lifestyle after she’s adopted. Instead, she finds that she has two new dog brothers that she has to learn to get along with!

Smile, Chewie! tells the story of a pit bull mix who was abused as a puppy, due to the prejudices that some people have against pit bulls. After being rehabilitated at the shelter, Chewie learns to stand up against these stereotypes, and smile for the camera!

Forever Home Friends
Forever Home Friends

By pledging to the Kickstarter, people can pre-order books and stuffed animals. The Kickstarter needs to reach $7,000 by May 7 in order to get any funding.

Books are written by Savy Leiser, a Chicago author who also writes YA fiction, and teaches creative writing workshops at Open Books. She released her first YA novel in 2016, and works as a journalist for Halftime Magazine.

If you would like to help the clock is ticking! Please go to: The Furever Home Friends 


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The Furever Home Friends by Savy Leiser
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