On my travels around the internet I meet all kinds of people from all over the world.

Many are just pushing something they want you to buy or join a program you have never heard of.

Recently, though I was delighted to read Deji Ayoade’s account of his grandma.

Taking time to honor a wise grandmother by Deji Ayoade
Taking time to honor a wise grandmother

A life in reflection

Deji has written a wonderful story about how his grandmother had such a positive impact on his life.

His honesty shines through the articles as he recounts his troubled relationship with his father. He acknowledges the difficulties many parents face, and the affects they can have on their children.

However, from these dark times, the love and power of his grandma shines through.

He writes:

One of the lessons grandma once gave that stayed with me was about knowledge. “Knowledge can be so complicated,” She said. “We understand circumstances best through life experiences. Otherwise, they are mere words. We can speak words, write them when prompted to, and pretend we thoroughly understand them because we learned to use them in context. No matter how we use these words when we ought to or not, or how long these words are taken for granted, we will never comprehend them entirely without a happening, a personal life experience.”

One can only hope that all of us grandparents are remembered in such an insightful and loving way.

Taking time to honor a wise grandmother by Deji Ayoade
Deji Ayoade

About Deji Ayoade

Memoirs of a blogger features weekly blogs in series, taking you on a journey into Deji’s crazy life. It is not every day that we run into a story like this. From a poverty-stricken childhood somewhere in the middle of rural Nigeria to later becoming a Veterinary Surgeon. He traveled half the world, became an American citizen, enlisted in the U.S. Navy, commissioned into U.S. Air Force and then, trusted with top secret operations, manned the deadliest weapon on earth “Nuclear Weapon” for the United States.

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Taking time to honor a wise grandmother by Deji Ayoade
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