Poet, JD Duran, has joined us today to talk about sharing stories and poems with our grandchildren.

He states:

One thing I’ve learned as a teacher of young children; one cannot raffle off a story or poem and expect no retort.

Being a father has taught me that a bed-time story told without effort just makes the child expect another story right away.

As a poet I try to make each poem into its own little story, whether it is part of a compilation, or not.

All the drama, storytelling and acting classes I’ve given had a different outcome (not always the preferred one, honestly),

And this always had to do with one simple thing: How much of my own energy was put into the reading.

Storytelling through tales, drama and poetry with JD Duran 
Storytelling through tales, drama and poetry with JD Duran

How much energy goes into sharing?

Remember this: Every poem is a story, and every story is poetry.

Treat it as a work of art, and one can never go wrong.

All you have to do as parent, grandparent, teacher or caretaker, is give it your best.

We are all familiar with the story of The Three Little Pigs.

Let the pigs squeal, and the wolf howl.

Do your best huffing and puffing, and you will find an enthralled audience.

It’s not the language it’s delivered in, it’s the intonation.

Every time you read your grandchild a story or poem, make it sound better than the last.

About our guest  

JD Duran is a teacher, tutor, coach, poet, linguist and a father.

You can find more about his great work online –

Twitter: twitter.com/JDJeroenDuran/


Storytelling through tales, drama and poetry with JD Duran 
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