Who said education and learning should be boring!

If your family is visiting this Thanks Giving why not prepare some simple and fun activities to share?

It will not only keep the children happy and entertained, but you can join in and create some fun memories.

One of our favorite sites for children’s activities is Activity Village

It’s a UK company who produce a wide range of activities for all ages.

Best of all, they’re free!

Share Thanks Giving with your grandchildren
Easy and fun to use

Activity Village Thanks Giving Activities

This year the clever people at Activity Village have added another 14 activities to share this Thanks Giving.

There’s everything from coloring sheets to word games, and more!

There are some products which they charge for, and these are well worth the small cost when you consider how much work went into creating them, but for the most part the activities are all free.

Click here for all the details.

Share Thanks Giving with your grandchildren
Share Thanks Giving with your grandchildren

Take the time to connect with your grandchildren

Thanks giving is a special time to connect with all your family members.

It’s a time for reflection and to recognise what we are really grateful for.

While we are grateful for our health and our belongs, the most important thing in our lives is our family and our grandchildren.

Take a few moments to find something new and fun for your grandchildren to do is easy.

And, the best reward is being able to sit down and share it with them.

Happy Thanks Giving!

Some fun Thanks Giving resources to share with your grandchildren
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