Here are some fun facts you can share with your grandchildren next time you are reading together.

One of the shortest words in the English language is UP, and yet it has so (and we mean soooo…) many different usages.

There are nearly over 100 ways to use UP.

In this post we are going to look at how UP is used as a preposition.

Going up…

I looked up into the blue sky.

The dog ran up the stairs, but tripped on the top one.

Sally has gone up the street.

She has moved up the social ladder with her witty comments.

The travelers headed up north in search of cooler weather.

The ducks swam up the current.

Share your knowledge of the word UP with your grandkids
Alfie holds the brush UP

UP is also an adjective

I pushed the up button to turn up the sound.

My friends and I keep up with all the latest movies.

He knew his time was up by the hungry look on the bear’s face.

What’s up with you?

The cabin is standing up despite the avalanche.

The boom gates at the railway crossing are up so we can cross safely.

The barley is up and ready for harvesting.

The birds are safe up in the tree from the cat.

The moon is up and shining brightly in the dark sky.

I was up all night with a headache.

The tide is up higher than usual so much so water is lapping at the edge of the pier.

The new shopping center is up and will be open soon.

The snake sat with its face up, resting on a rock.

He loves his eggs sunny side up.

Share your knowledge of the word UP with your grandkids
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