Sharing books with your grandchildren can certainly help them develop a love of reading.

It can also help them understand how important books are.

Every book has a magical tale full of adventures woven within its pages.

Do you remember the books you loved as a child?

Stories such as Robinson Crusoe, Mary Poppins, and Black Beauty, aren’t favorite classics by chance.

Within their pages are captured the most exciting, and interesting adventures full of suspense, intrigue and wonder.

Don’t kids get enough excitement from television or video games?

There is no doubt that many children fill their time watching television and playing video games.

However, research has shown that many children are getting too much screen time.

You’ll know by experience that watching a television cartoon is not as good as reading a book.

When children read parts of their brains are switched on and activated. This stimulation encourages children to use their imagination more and to be more creative.

Creative minds are happy, and more likely to succeed in the world.

Share the magical adventures captured within the pages of every book
Too much screen time is bad for children.

Reading is time well spent

Reading takes time and for many children may seem much slower than watching something on television.

While this might be true, the time spend reading and sharing a book becomes much more valuable.

It allows you to connect on a much deeper level, and share some of the best adventures as if they happened yesterday.

Share the magical adventures captured within the pages of every book
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