Rampaging Rats is the third book in the Astro’s Adventures series. There are monster rats, missing children and whacky doggie adventures.

It’s a fun adventure that teaches children about the importance of friendship, loyalty and working in teams.

Astro's Adventures Book Club
Rampaging Rats: Astro’s Adventures

Dogs rescuing dogs

When the dogs of secret organisation are asked to rescue a child, their response is hard, but fair – they don’t rescue kids.

They rescue dogs who have been neglected. Dogs left on chains; dogs with no food or water; dogs who are not taken for walks or played with.

However, the request comes from a special kind of dog and they are compelled to find out what’s going on.

Rampaging Rats: Astro's Adventures
Meet Stop It – Rampaging Rats: Astro’s Adventures

And monster rats are destroying everything

Furthermore, the dogs discover that the missing child and the missing dog are all part of the wicked, evil genius, Speed Bump Charlie’s mission to rid the world of dogs.

This very naughty cat has created gigantic, metal, monster rats that are destroying Melbourne Airport and claiming that it the idea of dogs, not cats.

Rampaging Rats: Astro's Adventures
Rampaging Monster Rats: Astro’s Adventures

Our doggie heroes come to the rescue

Astro and the gang have to destroy the monster rats, and save the children trapped inside them.

This is an action packed story which will keep your grandkids reading right until the final pages.


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Saving the world from monster rats? All in a day’s work for these brave dogs
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