2017 Author Advent Calendar
Author Advent Calendar

Children’s Authors Advent Calendar

Welcome to our Children’s Authors Advent Calendar for 2017. This is where we showcase some of the best children’s books available. 

When thinking about purchasing gifts for your grandchildren, books are one of the best presents you can buy.

Why? Books last a lifetime, don’t run out of batteries and you can create some very special memories sharing and re-sharing books throughout the year.

So, read on and find out more about today’s fabulous author.

And don’t forget to check all of our wonderful authors and support their fantastic work! There will be a new author each day.

Ruby Lane by RJ Simon
Ruby Lane by RJ Simon

Ruby Lane by RJ Simon

Ruby Lane by RJ Simon – An adventure story for children. Read it aloud and watch your grandchildren marvel at your expressive reading skills and laugh at your pirate cat accent! Blurb ‘Ruby is overexcited again, and her brain is spinning creative ideas so fast it feels like her head could explode!

Luckily, it’s school holidays, so she’s allowed to stay up late, reading adventure stories and playing dress-ups with her cat. But when things get out of control, Ruby decides that helping a crazy pirate cat return a malfunctioning book to its rightful owner is the only logical solution…’

Ruby Lane by RJ Simon
Ruby Lane by RJ Simon

A note for Grandparents about Ruby Lane Ruby Lane was written to provide readers with an entertaining escape to a place where their imaginations can play. It’s a fun story to read aloud and there’s plenty of silliness to giggle about along the way.

Besides being a great book to share, Ruby Lane would also make a nice gift for a grandchild who could do with a distraction from difficult times like when they are facing sickness or loneliness for example. It’s also great book for school holidays, reading on long trips and for children who want something a little different.

Ruby Lane (Paperback)

List Price: $14.95 USD
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Used from: $15.32 USD In Stock

Ruby Lane by RJ Simon
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