Here at Astro’s Adventures Book Club we love books and reading first, and eating second!

This recipe is so easy, a toddler would enjoy making them, and comes from the book Charlotte’s Web.

You’ll remember what a powerful story Charlotte’s Web is. It centers on friendship, kindness and the importance of community.

Try this fun recipe after reading the book. You’ll find more over at Random Thoughts of a supermon

Creepy Spider Pretzels!

Read the book then eat the treat - Charlotte's Web
Read the book then eat the treat – Charlotte’s Web

You will need:

  • Pretzels
  • Thickened yoghurt or icing or mayo (your choice depending upon if you want this to be a sweet or savory snack)
  • Washed plastic spider (not edible)!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Break the pretzels in half until you have 7 pieces the same length
  2. Bind them together with your ‘web’
  3. Decorate with the plastic spider

Things to muse on while your grandkids are munching

Charlotte's Web
Charlotte’s Web

Here are some fun things to do after you’ve read the book and are devouring the snack.

Discuss the following –

  1. What was your grandkid’s favorite character? Why?
  2. What was their favorite part of the book?
  3. If they had been their favorite character what would they have done differently?
  4. Would they have changed the ending? How?

Activities –

  1. Draw your favorite character
  2. Retell the story from another character’s point of view
  3. Make a play about the book
  4. Read the book to another child or adult. If it is too hard, take it in turns.


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Read the book then eat the treat – Charlotte’s Web
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