Positive Psychology: Changing a bad mood to a good one

Positive Psychology is a program which encourages a positive mental attitude. At its core is the belief that positive thoughts result in positive life events.

I think many grandparents will have a deep understanding of this practice; it is after all the way we were brought up.

Think positive thoughts and positive things will happen.

Now, this has developed into a movement that fosters positive attitudes toward one’s subjective experiences, individual characteristics, and the things which happen to us on a daily basis.

Positive Psychology founds its roots in the mid-20th century humanistic movement which encouraged an emphasis on happiness, well-being, and positivity.

A pioneer of this development was Martin Seligman, who made positive psychology his main theme when he became President of the American Psychological Association in 1998.

Positive Psychology: Changing a bad mood to a good one
Positive Psychology

Using Positive Thinking to Improve Someone’s Bad Mood

Thanks to Senia Maymin, we can begin to understand how important Positive Psychology is in our daily lives.

We can encourage our grandchildren to use Positive Thinking to move from a bad mood into a good one. This is referred to as the APE method, and it plays a big part in building resilience.

The APE method stands for Alternatives, Perspective and then Evidence.

How can you help our grandchildren cope with stress?
Help your grandchildren cope with stress

What Alternatives are there?

So, you might say to your grandchildren: What are thoughts or belief system led me to be in this bad mood? Is your grandchild always looking on the bad side of things? Do they need to alter their thought patterns and focus on what is good in their life?

You know if you think something bad will happen, it just might. However, if we take on a really positive approach that things will work out in the end for the good, then they will.

Positive Psychology: Changing a bad mood to a good one
Changing a bad mood to a good one

Putting things in Perspective

We’ve all heard of the old adage, “A storm in a teacup.”

Putting something into perspective involves creating a reality which compares the thing that has put the child in a bad mood with other things which are much worse.

When your grandchild is lamenting that something bad has happened, point out the positive things in their life. Encourage them to focus on what they can do and what they have control over, and what blessings they already have that some children don’t.

Positive Psychology: Changing a bad mood to a good one
Positive Psychology: Changing moods takes practice

Look for Concrete Evidence

When we are down on ourselves and berating ourselves we are viewing the world in a different perspective. We are not seeing things for what they really are.

If you find your grandchildren tend to get like this, ask them to explore what evidence there is. Point out that there is plenty of evidence to prove that they are successful and life is fair.

Show them that looking on the bright side of life is a powerful too which they can use to change their mood, and be more successful.

Using these three methods are a great approach to creating a more positive outlook on life. For some of us they will come from instinct, but it also good to know that there is a whole science developed behind us which can offer support.

Positive Psychology: Changing a bad mood to a good one
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