A persuasive piece of writing informs and supports a point of view or argument. It may seem like an easy thing to write, but being able to do it really well is important.

Children are much better than we were at expressing how they feel about something. They have ideas and opinions that they share all the time.

A persuasive article can be on any topic but where the writer is required to persuade their reader about an idea or argument. It often helps if the writer believes in the argument, but sometimes to improve their writing skills, they may write a persuasive article about something they don’t believe in.

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A persuasive piece of writing informs and supports a point of view.

A practical application

If you find your grandchildren complaining about their situation encourage them to write a persuasive piece in the form of a letter.

Some great examples might be to petition their school principal to allow fresh food in the canteen. Or they might want to convince their parents to take you to Disneyland.

What about the facts?

A persuasive essay doesn’t need to be supported by evidence or facts like an argumentative essay. It can be solely based on opinion. It might have an emotional bent which you would hope persuades your reader.

Being able to write a persuasive article is not only useful for school assignments, but in life in general. There will be many times when you need to express your opinion and want to convince your audience that you know what you are talking about.

Persuasive writing and why it’s important your grandkids understand it
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