Our guest author today is the very talented Chrissie Perry.

Chrissie’s book, Penelope Perfect. Project Best Friend, looks at the complex world of finding a best friend. We all know how important our grandchildren’s friends are, and this clever book teaches us all, grandparents included, about the pressures children are under to be included and wanted by their peers.

Meet Penelope Perfect

The boisterous, happy-go-lucky, mouthy child is often portrayed in children’s literature. But what about the child who feels immense pressure to succeed, even when that pressure is self-generated? What about the girl who sets the bar so high she can barely see it, let alone jump over it?

Penelope Perfect. Project Best Friend by Chrissie Perry
Penelope Perfect. Project Best Friend by Chrissie Perry

A true Gemini, Penelope vacillates between the ‘good, sensible, calm’ part of her character and the ‘frustrated, bossy, angry’ part. Penelope suppresses her emotions and then has to deal with them exploding in unwelcome ‘outbursts’.

In book 1, Project Best Friend, our not-so-perfect protagonist sets out to nab the new girl at school as her very own. After all, it’s absolutely time that she has a best friend of her own. It makes Penelope very anxious whenever they have to get into pairs at school. Everyone knows that being partners with the teacher means you are the odd one out.

But it’s not easy finding a best friend, and it’s not easy trying to be perfect. Sometimes, the best idea is to forget to try!

Chrissie Perry

Best-selling author Chrissie Perry made waves with the Go Girl series, which has sold 2.5 million copies and is a favourite among young girls navigating their way through social and emotional experiences. She is the author of over thirty books for children and young adults, including thirteen books in the popular Go Girl series and the award-winning Whisper. She lives in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, three children (who are stubbornly refusing to stay young) and an opinionated Maltese Shih Tzu called Gidget.

You can visit Chrissies website here – Chrissie Perry

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Penelope Perfect. Project Best Friend by Chrissie Perry
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