This headline may seem like an obvious statement to make, but it’s worth exploring.

We grandparents tend to be more patient now than we were when we were parents.

And, as much as it drives our own kids crazy, it’s just a matter of having developed more experience and maturity.

However, when we are reading with our grandchild it can still become a little taxing.

Here are a few tips to make the experience of shared reading fun and relaxing.

Try not to be over critical

Rewarding effort is not like giving out gold cups for the least amount of effort.

Learning to read is a journey which can take many years to master properly.

Children should be rewarded for giving something a go, whether it’s attempting to sound out a difficult word or finishing their first chapter book.

A reward might be a hug or a pat on the back – it shouldn’t be anything too over the top.

We want children to learn to develop a love of reading for its own sake, not because there is something else in it for them.

Patience is the key when listening to your grandchild read
Patience is the key when listening to your grandchild read

Avoid correcting every mistake

Sometimes over enthusiastic grandparents who want their grandchild to be the best tend to correct every mistake when listening to them reading.

While this intention is certainly worthy, it can have the opposite effect.

If your grandchild is struggling the best approach is to only correct one or two things per page.

This depends upon the child’s age and ability, of course.

Why is it important to spend time with your grandkids?
Patience is the key.

Why shouldn’t children know when they are wrong?

When children are sharing stories it is important that their audience is not critical and is extra patient.

No one likes to be told they’ve got it wrong or to be corrected especially if they are doing their best.

You don’t want story sharing to be a chore or for it to be boring

To make these activities a great success it’s important that you cultivate the type of atmosphere and attitude that will encourage your grandchild to want to read.

Patience is the key when listening to your grandchild read
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