Of Waterfalls and Bird Baths by Maretha Botha – Part Two

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Things in the kitchen have been less than ideal.  You might remember that Honey Badger took a watermelon, cracked it open and left a few pieces for the birds on Grandpa’s barbecue table.  Well, as you might imagine, he is not impressed when he wants to make an early dinner for his grandchildren.

Of Waterfalls and Bird Baths by Maretha Botha
Honey Badger has an idea!

‘The mess on this table is unbelievable!’ he says to Grandma, who has her hands on her hips. ‘What are we going to do about that honey badger’s shenanigans? He’s getting almost as bad as the monkeys when they come close to the kitchen,’ she replies.

‘What things are “shenanigans”, Grandma?’ Josh wants to know.

Of Waterfalls and Bird Baths by Maretha Botha
Monkey shenanigans!

‘Hmmm . . . I suppose it’s just another word for getting into mischief.  If the monkeys were responsible for the mess, I would say that they are up to monkey business,’ Grandma tries to explain, but the children are already thinking about something else.

The Crimson-breasted Shrike’s throws his head back

‘Grandma, I see that the birds are having fun slipping and sliding on the watermelon pieces. They’re also sipping all its droplets – just look at that crimson-breasted shrike. He throws his head back while drinking all the lovely watermelon juice. I’m going to sneak up on them and try to make video of their antics – just look at the chickens – they’re all joining in the fun.

Of Waterfalls and Bird Baths by Maretha Botha
Yum, fresh, cool watermelon!

My friends at school will be happy to learn more about the wild birds here at the lodge.  It would be great if they always have some water to play in.  Maybe the honey badger did them a favour,’ Kate says, sounding very grown-up.

Of Waterfalls and Bird Baths by Maretha Botha
A beautiful water feature

‘Grandpa, I think we must build a small pond with a waterfall for the birds, because they can’t really swim in watermelon juice, can they? And it’s been so hot! I’m glad we have a swimming pool at the back of the lodge!’ little Josh says, glad that his Grandfather agrees, nodding his head slowly while wiping sweat off his brow.

‘I agree.  Even though we have everything, the birds seem to have a real problem.  Let’s go see what we need to build a small pond.  Grandma and Kate can find ideas, looking at some pictures on the Internet in the meantime,’ Grandpa suggests.

Of Waterfalls and Bird Baths by Maretha Botha

If they looked up in the nearby tree, they might’ve spotted the monkeys giving each other Hi-Fives, well monkey kind of Hi-Fives – chattering more and knocking their palms on their heads.

The honey badger is also not to be seen anywhere. He’s following SweetTweet, the honeyguide – even watermelon juice can get boring for a honey badger – soon he’ll be lying on his back, licking a dripping honeycomb!

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Maretha Botha

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Of Waterfalls and Bird Baths by Maretha Botha – Part Two
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