Of Monkeys and Building a Pond by Maretha Botha- Part 3

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I’m sure you remember how Child Monkey has given a new meaning to “Monkey Business” when he decided to raid the larder and open all the honey jars. Of all the birds and animals at the lodge, only the striped kingfisher is still upset.

Of Monkeys and Building a Pond by Maretha Botha
Striped kingfisher

He wants a pond and Child Monkey’s “Monkey Business” has put a spanner in the works – so to speak – stopping the pond building project for a few days.

Meanwhile, he thinks about things, and then he thinks some more, and by the end of that morning his thinking is clear:  he must ask Wisdom, the spotted eagle owl, who knows how to give non-behaving bush creatures a “bad experience”, to give Child Monkey a “bad experience”, too.

Of Monkeys and Building a Pond by Maretha Botha
Wisdom the Spotted Eagle Owl

So, off he flies, and when he finds Wisdom, he cherrrred-cherrrs into his good ear. ‘Wisdom, please give Child Monkey a “bad experience”.  It’s because of him that all the honey in the lodge kitchen is spoiled and it’s because of him that our pond is not built.’

‘I must’ve been dreaming deeply, because I know nothing about any of this, but I don’t want us, birds and animals, to be bad friends with our humans, so what do you propose?’

‘I want you to scare him stiff, because if monkeys are scared stiff, they look like statues and I want Child Monkey to be a statue – no more chattering or anything,’ the striped kingfisher cherrrs.

Of Monkeys and Building a Pond by Maretha Botha
He is hiding in the trees!

‘Where is Child Monkey now?’ Wisdom wants to know.

‘He’s hiding amongst the trees near the martial eagle look-out and he even refuses to listen to his mother!’

‘Don’t worry.  I’ll give that Child Monkey a “bad experience” which he’ll remember. He’ll be the most obedient child a mother monkey could ever wish for,’ Wisdom replies and instantly flies off towards the lookout.

The striped kingfisher lifts his beak high up in the air, looking very satisfied with the turn of events.  Other bush creatures don’t share his smugness, however and the honey badger kraa-kraaks,

Of Monkeys and Building a Pond by Maretha Botha
Honey Badger

‘Wisdom might hurt that poor child monkey’ and his mother cries, ‘Oh, what a sad day! I would rather have him as a normal child – even though he’s naughty – than see a scared-stiff monkey child!’

A few hours later, the bush creatures hear a loud shriek coming from the lodge kitchen.  ‘Come quickly, Grandpa! There’s a small baby monkey lying dead still on the kitchen table.  Is he dead – kaputski?  Look at his eyes.  They’re even rounder than usual. What happened to him, Grandpa?’ Kate and Josh want to know.

Of Monkeys and Building a Pond by Maretha Botha
Child Monkey

‘I’m not sure, but let’s make him comfortable and sit here with him until the vet arrives.  I’ve seen this happen to small monkeys before and sometimes they come right by themselves.

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you a story of how it happens that baby monkeys become scared stiff,’ Grandpa says, scratching his head and thinking about his story . . .

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Of Monkeys and Building a Pond by Maretha Botha- Part 3
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