Today in our Children’s Author Spotlight, D.G. Driver brings us her touching book, No One Needed to Know.

It looks at the main character’s issues of growing up and wanting to fit in. To add to this Heidi’s brother is autistic and, well different. Her brother draws unwanted attention, and Heidi must try to find a way to feel wanted, and also to support and care for her brother. She also has to protect herself and him from bullying.

This is a thought provoking book which raises many issues for young teens, and those living with autistic family members. It is covers so many vital issues I believe that no young teen should miss out on reading it.

It is enlightening, empowering and inspiring.

Heidi and Donald

Heidi’s brother, Donald, is 16 and Autistic. She has always loved playing with him, but now she’s 11 and her life is changing.

She’s embarrassed to have her brother around and doesn’t want her friends to know about him.

High school boys bully him. When the kids at her school find out about him, she gets bullied too.

It’s not fair. No one seems to understand what she’s going through. But Heidi needs to understand too.

She can’t change her brother, but she can change how she feels about him, and she can get people to see why her brother is special.

This book is about bullying and Autism awareness. It is based loosely on the author’s personal experience growing up with an older Autistic brother.

You can learn more about this book and the author on her website – DG Driver

No One Needed to Know (Paperback)

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No One Needed to Know by D. G. Driver
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