My Daddy is Different by Suzi Faed

Today Suzi Faed has dropped in to talk to us about her book, My Daddy is Different. It is a great book that encourages grandparents and parents to openly discuss, and accept, mental illness with children.

Why did Daddy Change?

‘I used to have a Daddy who was like all other Daddies. One who would go to work, and play with me when he was home. But one day, something changed.

He started saying strange things, doing strange things. I was confused.’

My Daddy is Different is a beautiful story to nurture any children who might have an adult close to them who is suffering from mental illness.

My Daddy is Different by Suzi Faed
My Daddy is Different by Suzi Faed

Encouraging Children to Feel Safe and Supported

Children can be empowered about mental illness, educated to know that they are still loved and that mental illness is not something to be ashamed of, but something to be talked about. It is by having meaningful discussions that we can nurture and encourage children to feel safe and supported.

The topic of this book is close to my heart as it is written from personal experience. My Dad had a mental illness and it greatly impacted my childhood. I didn’t understand his mental illness and because I didn’t understand, our relationship suffered.

My Daddy is Different by Suzi Faed
Suzi Faed

Stamping Out Stigma

I am a firm believer in explaining mental illness to children so that they don’t create their own ideas and misconceptions. If more people understand, my hope is that the stigma that surrounds mental illness can be erased. Mental illness is more common than we think.

Yet sufferers and their families often deal with it in silence. Conversations need to happen. People need to be informed. This book is a wonderful resource for any family to have on their bookshelf as it will help others and ignite necessary discussions about this very important issue.

Please visit Suzi’s site to find out more or purchase a copy of this wonderful book – Suzi Faed

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My Daddy is Different by Suzi Faed
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