Monty the Fish Goes to the Zoo!

Monty is a fish with an idea. Vivienne Alonge tells us that she had to occupy her children and their friends on a stormy day in Texas. She wanted to give them the latitude to discover their imagination. From there Monty came to life.

A fish that behaves like a child, doing things that we love to do. Thanks to those youngsters, her thoughts went on to create character other animals. This lead to Monty going to the Zoo to discover new adventures and make new friends..

A children’s book with a wonderful story. Seek and find element. Follow the story with each animal involved in every picture.
This book has wonderful eye catching illustrations. A children’s book that will live in your children’s life for generations forever.

Monty the fish goes to the zoo by Vivienne Alonge
Monty the fish goes to the zoo by Vivienne Alonge

About the Author

My name is Vivienne Alonge.
I grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I moved around the country and then around the world. I had the privileged of going to Africa. Whilst on this journey to Nigeria I met my lovely husband and started a new journey. I have four beautiful children and four life-giving grandsons. And now two beautiful granddaughter’s have been added to our family. Here I am many years later in the Solomon Islands writing some of my thoughts and memories to you.

You can find out more about Vivienne’s wonderful book here – Facebook

Monty the Fish Goes to the Zoo (Paperback)

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Monty the fish goes to the zoo by Vivienne Alonge
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