Monkey Business and Pond Building Plans by Maretha Botha – Part 2

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Again, Child Monkey looks to his left and then to his right, resting on all fours with his behind in the air. When there’s no movement anywhere, he slips underneath the fly netting and as fast as saying,

‘Monkey Business Alert!’ he lands on the top shelf of Grandma’s well-stocked larder. Rows upon rows of honey jars filled to the brim wait for him to taste.

Monkey Business and Pond Building Plans by Maretha Botha
Delicious Honey!

Of course, Child Monkey doesn’t just uncork one jar – no, he opens all of them and pokes his spindly fingers into every single jar, licking and licking. . . thinking to himself, Now I also know why honey badger looooves honey – hmmm – I wish I was a honey badger!

Monkey Business and Pond Building Plans by Maretha Botha
Child Monkey

Unfortunately, his good thoughts don’t last very long, because a loud scream from the kitchen stable door alerts him to the fact, that somehow, he has not watched the time – the family is back – and he’s in big trouble!

‘Monkey Business, Grandma!’ Kate shouts and Josh says, ‘I’m glad I’m not a monkey! Grandpa is going to skin that grey fur-ball alive!’ But Child Monkey does not stick around to hear more about his being skinned alive.

He dashes over the stable door, up the pergola and does not stop until he reaches the martial eagle look-out.

Monkey Business and Pond Building Plans by Maretha Botha
The Martial Eagle

‘Wow! I didn’t know that monkeys can dash that fast,’ Kate says to her grandmother who is sitting at the kitchen table shaking her head back and forth. ‘He’s opened all the honeycomb jars and it’s most likely the honey giving him such energy,’ she says.

‘Today, you’ll not be able to start the pond. I need all the help I can get to get this kitchen sorted out before tonight. We’re expecting twenty guests at seven o’clock.’

Monkey Business and Pond Building Plans by Maretha Botha
A beautiful water feature

‘No pond digging then?’ Grandpa sighs and begins to help Grandma to clear up the mess.

Stories from South Africa by Maretha Botha
Striped kingfisher

Just outside the kitchen door a striped kingfisher hears everything and decides it’s time to teach Child Monkey to accept his place in the food chain. After all, he – striped kingfisher – will have to wait at least another week before he has a pond to plunge-dive into.

About Maretha Botha

Stories from South Africa by Maretha Botha
Maretha Botha

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Books 1-4 are available in Kindle as well as black and white illustrated paperbacks, approximately 20,000 words each, and make excellent middle-grade chapter books.

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Monkey Business and Pond Building Plans by Maretha Botha – Part 2
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