Monkey Business and Pond Building Plans by Maretha Botha – Part 1

Grandpa, Grandma, Kate and Josh immediately make plans to build a pond, because “We can’t afford to give the wild birds and the honey badger all our water melons.” So, the very next day, he and Josh go to the hardware store to buy everything they need for such an undertaking.

They order sand, stones, a thick black plastic liner and lots more.

Monkey Business and Pond Building Plans by Maretha Botha
A beautiful water feature

“It’s a pity that I can’t buy a readymade pond for the lodge, but we’re getting help this weekend and, with a little bit of luck, the birds will have a pond by next week,’ Grandpa says, ‘I’m sure it’ll be a piece of cake,’ he’s so assured of success, that he nods a few times, slapping his hat against his knee.

Meanwhile Grandma and Kate go to the local nursery and after much looking and talking, get the water plants they need to put in the water, as well as some reeds for the edge.

Monkey Business and Pond Building Plans by Maretha Botha
Vervet monkeys chattering

Back at the lodge, the jittery monkeys are wondering where everybody is.

And of course, as we know by now, it doesn’t take them long to get into “monkey business” and this time it’s real “monkey business”! Child Monkey is the first to gibber as usual and he chatters loudly.

Monkey Business and Pond Building Plans by Maretha Botha
Delicious Honey!

‘Mom, I want some honey too! Why does the cook only put some honeycombs out for Honey Badger? He’s such a “guts” and I also want some!’

‘Child Monkey, you’re disturbing me. Stay in your tree and stay away from the lodge kitchen,’ Wisdom, the spotted eagle-owl hoots. ‘Children should be seen, not heard; besides, you’re disturbing my owl nap!’

Monkey Business and Pond Building Plans by Maretha Botha
Wisdom the Spotted Eagle Owl

By noon, all the birds are drooping their wings and swooning in the heat, even the monkey troop has gone quiet and Wisdom is fast asleep. That is, everyone is resting except Child Monkey, who moves slowly along the top of the grapevine pergola.

The Martial Eagles Are Nesting by Maretha Botha
Baby Vervet Monkey

Looking left and right, and left again before dashing on to the kitchen stable door, he rummages everywhere inside the kitchen, but he cannot find a single piece of honeycomb. Then he sees another entrance.

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Monkey Business and Pond Building Plans by Maretha Botha – Part 1
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