Lego Fractions by Zach Abraham
Lego Fractions by Zach Abraham

If you’ve got grandchildren you will know how much they love Lego.

These cleverly created plastic bricks have revolutionized play time for both boys and girls. There are also video games and movies to further this remarkable toy’s popularity.

But, did you know that there is a book which will help your grandchild learn more about maths using Lego.

For those of us who grew up with number blocks you’ll know how useful using physical things to create a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts is.

Zach Abraham has put together a series of fun books, your grandkids are going to love. Each one shows how to use Lego bricks to learn more about Maths.

Lego Fractions by Zach Abraham
Lego Fractions by Zach Abraham

Lego Fractions

Lego fractions is a basic introduction to fractions for children. It includes Lego graphics that will help them understand how fractions are made. These Lego models make fractions easier to understand. They also learn equivalent fractions with Lego visual models . It also includes adding up fractions to one whole and placing them on a number-line.

lego ® fractions 1: Learning fractions with legos® – part 1 (lego math Book 3) (Kindle Edition)

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Lego Fractions by Zach Abraham
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