Many children need help learning to read and write. Experts tell us it is one of the most difficult things they will ever learn to do.

As well, if your grandchild doesn’t have a vocabulary of 3,000 to 4,000 words before they start school, they will find reading and writing more difficult.

Here is a fun game that will advance your grandchild’s vocabulary and strengthen their experience of written English.

Labeling items around your home

All you need to prepare are small cards, Blu-tac or sticky tape and a felt-tipped pen.

I would suggest you use different colored markers to help your child remember the words better.

The cards should be about the size of a business card, let’s say 5 x 7 cm but this is only a guide.

Make sure that you use the large, clear letters too. If your grandchild is just starting to learn to read larger letters will create an immediate association between the word and the item.

Label items in your home to help your child learn to read and write better
Label items in your home!

Getting prepared

Make a list of twenty items in your house. This is just to begin with; you can make a longer list of words later on.

Some examples could be the television, the kettle, the shower, the lamp, the cat’s bed, the bookshelf… the list is endless!

I would suggest choosing words that can be difficult to spell like ‘stereo’ or ‘computer’.

Once you have this list write down each word on a separate card.

Go around the house and fix the card next to the item it refers to.

Leave the cards in place for about two weeks but don’t forget them. As you are moving around your home point out the cards to your child and ask them to repeat the word back to you.

Label items in your home to help your child learn to read and write better
Sharing learning times.

Variations that are more fun and will test your child’s understanding

After a few weeks test how well your grandchild understands the words by doing the following.

  1. Take down the cards and ask him or her to put them back.
  2. Make a second set of cards and, one by one, ask your grandchild to find the matching one.
  3. Your grandchild should be rewarded with points which could be added up and swapped for a special treat.

By embracing language and word-based games into your home, your grandchild will excel and thrive as they learn to read and write.

You can download 20 Free Games to Improve your Child’s Vocabulary Here.

Label items in your home to help your child learn to read and write better
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