There is a big difference between being a good leader and bossing others around.

The former talks of a quiet confidence in one’s own ability, and is an indication of a high emotional intelligence.

The latter is an indication of the opposite. Someone who is bossy feels that their lives are outer control. They feel that they need to reign in and control what others are doing.

What factors to into being a good leader?

Many children are naturally good leaders. This comes more apparent as they grow into teens and take on leadership roles at school and sporting clubs.

They are talented in areas which they are interested in, like music, sport or Math. They also combine this talent with a strong work ethic.

It’s not enough to be talented. If the talent is not honed and worked on it will go to waste.

These individuals are usually very ambitious too. However, this does not mean they push others out of the way. Instead, they use their leadership skills to build cooperative and cohesive teams.

Is your grandchild a natural leader or naturally bossy?
Is your grandchild a natural leader or naturally bossy?

What does emotional intelligence have to do with leadership?

Children who are emotionally intelligent have a high regard for others. They genuinely care for the well-being of all people, including strangers.

They use this awareness to lead others in a caring way. They do not push or bully. Rather they walk with their team and seek to remove blocks which impede everyone’s success, not just their own.

If you feel your grandchild is a natural leader encourage them to take on roles of leadership. Talk to them about the importance of being kind and resourceful when dealing with others.

Raising an emotional intelligent child is a long term goal. However, the end result will be a child who is confident, calm and successful in many other fields.

Is your grandchild a natural leader or naturally bossy?
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